In the winter of 2014, our team got an announcement, in the newspaper "From hand to hand." In the vicinity of Sarrion Township, an old trout farm was leased. At that time, it was empty for almost 15 years.
Trout Farm required radical reconstruction.
We improved the hydrostations by launching two electric turbines, conducted two warm water pipelines and two water pumps, installed a water treatment system, built a protection system, oxygen stations, freezers, created a vegetation workshop, preparatory and packaging workshops, finished product warehouses, as well as the wintering zone with water that cools to +3 degrees.
As a result, conditions were created that imitate the natural in natural habitats as much as possible. Temperature regime, changeability of seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), flow rates corresponding to river flow rates in nature and long wintering at lower temperatures.

In such a way, the Esturion de Sarrion farm became the first (and, so far, the only one) throughout Europe, growing sturgeon in running water in ideal natural conditions.


The farm is located in the mountains of the province of Aragon, located at the junction of three rivers: the cold Albentos and Mijares with a temperature of + 13- 17˚ and the warm underground - Orcajo, in which year-round + 20- 22˚. Having so much water with different temperatures, we realized that there are the most ideal conditions for breeding sturgeon species. Natural pure rivers of blue color are saturated with minerals and rich in useful elements that affect the natural natural taste of black caviar.


Our farm staff are professionals who love their jobs and are fanatically dedicated. All our products are produced with special care. Our team is strongly opposed to killing animals, so caviar is harvested through massaging the fish belly. We feed the mother flock with premium feeds based on krill and fish meal and fish oil. These foods are high in protein and consist of components that are sturgeon food in nature. Spain's sanitary and epidemiological. We don't use antibiotics, hormones, etc. The waters of our rivers, feed and technology give black caviar a natural unique taste.


Preserving the traditions of black caviar production, "Esturion de Sarrion" guarantees the consistency of its quality and taste. The color of eggs can vary from gray to black depending on the fish. It has a clean, fresh taste, delicate consistency. Our biggest success is that for years our caviar has taken pride of place on the tables of true foodies and black caviar connoisseurs.