Sencha Sweet Date with Mountain

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Sencha Sweet Date with Mountain


Dates and Mountain Thyme really make a perfect couple. Picture yourself high on a sun-drenched mountain and let your eyes wander over the mountain thyme at the side of the path, over meadows full of cornflowers and sweet roses, further on towards the sea until your eyes meet up with fig trees and date palms full of ripe fruits. A dream! But dreams can come true with this delicate green tea blend bearing the taste of fruity, sweet dates and savoury

wild thyme. Ingredients: green tea (52 %), date pieces (dates, rice flour) (35 %), sweet blackberry leaves, flavouring, wild thyme (3 %), freezedried fig pieces, pink rosebuds, cornflowers.

How to make:


75-80° C

4-5 tsp./1l