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The assortment set in the Esturion de Sarrion signature collection includes six types of black caviar.

This set introduces Premium caviar, each grain meticulously handpicked according to size, ensuring a flawless fusion of taste and texture. Its premium status underscores the highest quality standard. Natural caviar is less intense than regular caviar, making it favorable to those who appreciate subtle gastronomic intricacies. Truffle caviar boasts a rich and vibrant essence of white truffle. Smoked caviar involves delicate grains masterfully smoked over charcoal, seasoned with whiskey-infused sawdust. The delightful taste and refreshing notes of Citrus caviar will enhance any dish without requiring lime or lemon. Lastly, Sweet caviar presents a true exotic experience! Its taste reflects a rich spectrum of flavors, from African beans to spicy cinnamon.

The caviar combo of mini-portions is perfect for immersing yourself in a variety of flavors, sampling the entire collection, and selecting the favorites.

The set includes:

Premium Black Caviar 10g
Natural Black Caviar 10g
Truffle Black Caviar 10g
Smoked Black Caviar 10g
Citrus Black Caviar 10g
Sweet Black Caviar 10g